Sunday, December 7, 2008

Colt 45 Urbane

this was my entry peice for the draw the can contest for colt 45. it was based on popular vote by the public online. 

i was going for a sophisticated feel for the can.


here is the baroness from g.i. joe. i wanted her to be more racy and alluring. this was a fun peice i did to practice paiting through painter, and i did the background, effects and touch ups through photoshop. it was a good run.

Devilishly Cute

this is my girl that i use as a moscot and logo for my freelance work. i update her every once in a while. when i learn some new technique or i think i have improved in my skill.


inspired by ed from cowboy bebop, crazy free spirited gal.

Scandulous Eskimo

I like frank frazzetta and frank cho they tend to draw full figured women. so when you draw these fantasy cavewoman style characters you gotta draw them thick. 

this one was inspired by all that talk of alaska when palin was announced running mate. it has nothing to do with politics.


this was a request by someone who liked my work. i decided to do it cause i had nothing going on that weekend. 

character description, girl, has brown hair and an eye patch, she is a serial killer and likes ice cream. 

this was a fun peice to do. 

Adriana Lima

This is my take on Adriana Lima. she is an attractive girl but she looks weird too me.